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 Name: LT George D. Jones III   Handle:          Forum entries  Photo's  Email        
 Residence: Seattle, WA
 Year joined :1965 Year left: 1966
 Comments: George died in 1967. This email address is for me, his son.

George died March 15th, 1967 while serving in VF-33 onboard the USS America. He left behind a wife, a 2 year old daughter, and an 11 month old son.

From Joe Duffy, George's RIO in this mishap:  "We were on the #4 cat around 12:30, just underway from a port call in Valencia. The post-mortem on the accident was that the port tow hook pulled out just as the holdback broke. The shuttle took off like gang busters and sheared off the nose gear. In the span if micro-seconds the centerline ruptured as we were careening down the deck with a plume of fireball behind us. Both of us yelled "Eject!" We had no command ejection at the time. I pulled the lower handle and got out just before the F-4 went off the forward of the angle. I caught a glimpse of it going toward the sea, nose down, banked to the left. George's canopy was still intact when it hit the water. My chute candled, but cushioned me enough so that water entry (just off the port bow).

A final irony (which I also saw in a deck crash in Vietnam) is that they recovered the helmet and mask.

Again, my best to you all. Hoist a couple for me."

From Clyde Ken (Hogie) Hogendobler:

I can tell you now from memory that your dad and I were scheduled as a section that fateful day, with your father, the flight leader - I was to be his wingman.  He was positioned on the the No. 4 catapult and I was on No. 3 cat.  Both catapults are on the angle portion of the flight deck.  No 4 is outboard  of No. 3 cat, and fires the aircraft almost straight ahead.  No. 3 cat is a longer cat and fires almost down the angle.  Hope you can keep up with all this and I will try to explain it in more detail later.  Anyhow,  I was new in the squadron.  Your dad came to the east coast from the west coast and a Viet Nam cruise.  Those pilots and crew members had a lot to teach us.


 Name: Joe   Handle: Test          Forum entries        Unit: VP-7
 Residence: Seattle
 Year joined :2010 Year left: 2011
 Comments: Hi, these are comments

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 Name: LTJG G.L. Anderson   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1966 Year left: 1967

LTJG Gary L. Anderson was POW in the same downing as Charlie Plumb. After release, Anderson went through flight training and as LCDR was killed at Miramar in a F-14.

 Name: LCDR Donald R. Ashby Sr.   Handle: Smash          Photo's        
 Year joined :1965 Year left: 1967

On January 19th, 1967 his F-4 ingested some FOD, and after launch his aircraft would not climb and went into the water. LTJG D.M. Ehrlich was with him.

 Name: Lt(jg) Edward Auerswald   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1951 Year left: 1954

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