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 Name: LT George D. Jones III   Handle:          Forum entries  Photo's  Email        
 Residence: Seattle, WA
 Year joined :1965 Year left: 1966
 Comments: George died in 1967. This email address is for me, his son.

George died March 15th, 1967 while serving in VF-33 onboard the USS America. He left behind a wife, a 2 year old daughter, and an 11 month old son.

From Joe Duffy, George's RIO in this mishap:† "We were on the #4 cat around 12:30, just underway from a port call in Valencia. The post-mortem on the accident was that the port tow hook pulled out just as the holdback broke. The shuttle took off like gang busters and sheared off the nose gear. In the span if micro-seconds the centerline ruptured as we were careening down the deck with a plume of fireball behind us. Both of us yelled "Eject!" We had no command ejection at the time. I pulled the lower handle and got out just before the F-4 went off the forward of the angle. I caught a glimpse of it going toward the sea, nose down, banked to the left. George's canopy was still intact when it hit the water. My chute candled, but cushioned me enough so that water entry (just off the port bow).

A final irony (which I also saw in a deck crash in Vietnam) is that they recovered the helmet and mask.

Again, my best to you all. Hoist a couple for me."

From Clyde Ken (Hogie) Hogendobler:

I can tell you now from memory that your dad and I were scheduled as a section that fateful day, with your father, the†flight leader - I was to be his wingman.† He was positioned on the the No.†4 catapult and†I was on No. 3 cat.† Both catapults are on the angle portion of the flight deck.† No†4 is outboard† of No.†3 cat, and fires the aircraft almost straight ahead.† No.†3 cat is a longer cat and fires almost down the angle.† Hope you can keep up with all this and I will try to explain it in more detail later.† Anyhow,††I was new in the squadron.† Your dad came to the east coast from†the west coast and a Viet Nam cruise.† Those pilots and crew members had a lot to teach us.


 Name: Joe   Handle: Test          Forum entries        Unit: VP-7
 Residence: Seattle
 Year joined :2010 Year left: 2011
 Comments: Hi, these are comments

Final Flight test text

 Name: LTJG G.L. Anderson   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1966 Year left: 1967

LTJG Gary L. Anderson was POW in the same downing as Charlie Plumb. After release, Anderson went through flight training and as LCDR was killed at Miramar in a F-14.

 Name: LCDR Donald R. Ashby Sr.   Handle: Smash          Photo's        
 Year joined :1965 Year left: 1967

On January 19th, 1967 his F-4 ingested some FOD, and after launch his aircraft would not climb and went into the water. LTJG D.M. Ehrlich was with him.

 Name: Lt(jg) Edward Auerswald   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1951 Year left: 1954


 Name: CDR Carl B. Austin   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1965 Year left: 1965

CDR Austin was lost December 2, 1965 in an aircraft accident. LTJG Jacob D. Logan was with him.

 Name: W.H. Betz   Handle: Bill          Photo's        
 Year joined :1966 Year left: 1967

Bill passed away in the summer of 2002 in a single car acadent in Gunnison Co. Colorado.

 Name: AQF3 Vincent Bignami   Handle:           Photo's  Email        
 Year joined :1963 Year left: 1964
 Comments: This email link is for his wife, Kathleen Bignami.

Mr. Vincent Bignami passed away Monday, January 24th 2005.

Vincent Bignami - Opening Scripture Prayer

Traveled to the LIGHT Jan. 24, 2005. A gentle soul and poet, he adored his family and treasured his friends. Loving husband of Kathi, devoted father of Sarah, Jesse and Aliza. "Honorary Dad" of Tiffany, Chris and Angel. Brother and best friend of Larry. Uncle of 3 nieces and 1 nephew. Friend to many. His journey embraced the core beliefs of Jesus Christ, Buddha and Krishna. He had a quirky outlook on life and loved a good joke.

In December of 1943, many musicians were born. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison of the Doors, Peter Qualfe of the Kinks, and John Denver were all born then. Adding his own name to that illustrious list was Vincent Bignami.

Vincent was born in Oceanside, New York out on Long Island. His father Larry worked as an engineer at Grumman, and his mother stayed at home to raise Vincent and his older brother Larry. As part of the big, extended Italian family that lived in Valley Stream, Vincent grew up used to gathering with his family, especially on Sunday afternoons when they would all go over to Grandpa's house for dinner. The creative side of Vincent developed early in that environment so he covered sheets of drawing paper with pen drawings and pastel paintings. He also started learning to play the piano; Vincent already had the music in his head so he played more by ear than learning how to read the notes.

Vincent went to Wantagh High School. After graduating from Wantagh, his mom signed the papers that would allow him to join the Navy, and he started to learn how to maintain the radar on Phantom jets on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Kitty Hawk. In the Navy, he met many friends with whom he kept in contact over the years, especially Bill Bosworth and Al Shelton. Completing a tour off of Vietnam, Vince returned to Long Island and left the Navy in '65.

Back on shore, he lived with his parents and became reacquainted with the friends that he had left behind. One night he went to a party and met Kathi. Kathi went to bed knowing she had met her mate. They went to a Bob Dylan concert the following evening. Kathi was fifteen and Vin twenty-one, so for the first three years they created a growing friendship. Then they dated. Vincent was playing rock and roll on Long Island throughout this period. Kathi saw some signs that told her a marriage proposal was forthcoming. Vincent had started a job with the phone company, and bought a new VW station wagon. Kathiís parents were not always happy about the relationship, but they grew to love Vinny as their own. August 21, 1971 saw Vincent and Kathi wedded. Afterwards, there was the parent-approved reception. Later in the evening came the OTHER reception at Vincent's parent's house down the street from Kathiís home. Shortly before the wedding, Vincentís employment was interrupted when Ma Bell's employees went on strike. Vincent became the homemaker, driving Kathi to the train station so that she could go to work in Manhattan. He cleaned the house and cooked, before he went back to pick her up at the end of each day.

Vincent's parents moved to California in 1971. In 1973, Vincent and Kathi moved into his parentsí old house on Long Island and were living there when Sarah joined the family. In 1979, they headed west to California themselves and settled in Carmichael where they were joined with Jesse and Aliza.

The places that Vincent lived and the jobs that he held aren't going to be the things that you remember about him. More likely, you'll remember the little moments that make up a life, the simple things like a smile or a laugh or some other special memory. So how will you remember Vincent?

Perhaps you can see him and the family piling into the car to drive to one of the myriad concerts that they attended. Some folks go camping or head down to Disneyland for a family escape. The Bignamis went to concerts, and memories of Vincent are intertwined with the sounds of Dave Matthews, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and scores of other artists that they all appreciated together.

Others will remember his participation as a parent at Orangevale Open School, with the many field trips, plays and creative learning experiences that helped Vincent and Kathi raise their children with openness to new experiences.

Another memory you might have or Vincent was his passion for soccer. Vincent played soccer in the backyard with Sarah, Jesse, and Aliza. He would drive them to practice and to their games, sitting on the sidelines, and rooting them on. That wasn't enough for him so he started going to other soccer games around the community watching men and women play Ė it didn't make any difference what gender the person was who was dribbling the ball down the field and kicking it into the goal. In the past year Vincent added the soccer channel to his cable package so he could still get his fill while he was resting. Even if he didn't speak the language that the sports announcers were using, he still loved to watch the sport.

Perhaps your memories of Vincent include seeing him fiddling around the backyard, shooing some squirrels away from his plants, or working in the garage or on a school project with one of the kids. A twenty minute job could take four days for Vincent, but he was happy living in the moment.

Back in the house, can you see him standing at the kitchen stove mixing up a batch of pancake batter before cooking mouth watering pancakes in the shape of happy faces or flux capacitors, or some other fun design? Often, the house was full Sarah's, Jesse's and Aliza's friends sharing a meal. The door to Vincent's house was as wide open just as his heart's door.

Some of you worked with Vincent at SBC, and you'll probably treasure the memories of a man who was a mentor and a close friend to Rudy, Chris, Steve, Brian, Bob, Mitch, Larry, Frank (one of his oldest friends), and many others. Vincent befriended the people that were in a younger generation as well as his peers.

It is said that no one leaves this earth before it is time. Vincent must have completed the things that he came here to do. And each person that is gathered here today has been touched by him in some way so that he continues to live here even though his body is absent. Remember him fondly. Remember the lessons taught to you by a man who doubled over laughing at the jokes that he would tell and weeping at a television commercial. Treasure your time with this beloved husband and father. Rest assured that one day, you will be reunited.

Family Sharing Time
Closing Prayer


 Name: Robert G. Burlingame   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1954 Year left: 1956
 Comments: AT

Bob was killed by a drunk driver in 1999. His widow Kaye would like to hear from anyone that knew Bob.

 Name: LT David J. Coker   Handle: Dave          Photo's        
 Year joined :1965 Year left: 1966

Dave Coker left the squadron and became a Weapons Duty Officer assigned to NAS Point Mugu.† I understand that while there he was killed in an automobile accident.

 Name: LT Robert E. Constans   Handle:                 
 Year joined :1960 Year left: 1960

LT Robert E. Constans died October 21st, 1960 in the South China Sea.

 Name: AMC Bill Converse   Handle:           Photo's  Email        
 Residence: Kansas City, KS
 Year joined :1953 Year left: 1954
 Comments: Talked with Mickey Rooney in Chief's quarters during the filming of Bridges at Toko-Ri

Mr. Converse, AMC, passed away April 2, 2003 with fond remembrances of his time with VF-114. He retired in 1960. The email link is for his son - Jim Converse.

 Name: LTJG Joe W. Duffy   Handle: Kevin          Photo's  Email        
 Residence: Great Falls, MT
 Year joined :1965 Year left: 1966
 Comments: Joe moved to VF-33 with LTGJ George Jones after the '66 cruise.

Joseph Walter Duffy of Great Falls passed away on March 2, 2006. He was born June 5, 1941, to Walter and Eleanor Duffy of Butte, where he later attended St. Ann's grammar school and Boys Central High School.

He graduated from Carroll College and then entered the Naval Air Training Command in Pensacola, Fla. A Naval aviator, he served in two squadrons, VF33 and VF114, flying the F4 Phantom during the Vietnam War. He received 10 air medals, three Navy Commendations with Combat "V", and the Navy Unit Commendation with Gold Star, among others.

After returning from Vietnam, he began studying law at American University in Washington, D.C., and completed his juris doctorate at the University of Montana. He returned to Washington in 1970 to clerk for James H. Rowe Jr., of the Corcoran, Foley, Youngman and Rowe law firm. While there he met his wife, Danna Coppin. They were married Dec. 19, 1970 at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown.

Joe and his wife later moved to Great Falls, when he was admitted to the Montana State Bar in 1971, and became an associate at the Great Falls law firm Hilley & McKittrick, a Cascade County Deputy Attorney, and then a partner at McKittrick and Duffy. Later, as a sole practitioner, he was involved in Chapter 13 farm reorganizations under the bankruptcy law.

Early in his career he managed two statewide nuclear-energy initiatives, winning the first. He was an early supporter of the late Judge Paul Hatfield during Hatfield's U.S. Senate tenure. He was appointed by Gov. Tom Judge to the Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities and served on the board of the Cascade County Treatment Center, facilitating its transition into Gateway Recovery Center. He served several terms as president of the Great Falls Public Radio Association, which he loved almost as much as the Navy. He served on the Parish Council of St. Ann's Cathedral and as a Eucharistic minister and reader.

He is survived by his wife of 35 years and their children, Anne Kathryn and her husband, Derral Partin, of Austin, Texas, and Erin Glynn and her husband, John Osswald, of Eugene, Ore.; by his brothers, Michael and his wife, Jane, of Washington, D.C., Daniel and his wife, Ellen, of Scranton, Pa., and Patrick and his wife, Susan, of Missoula; by his granddaughters, Helena and Anna Osswald and Addison Glynn Partin; by his aunt, Rita Ward of Seattle, and by cousins, nieces and nephews.

He had been in ill health for the last several years. As such, he was constantly amazed by and grateful for the many thoughtful gestures of his closely held friends and family. He was an accomplished raconteur, and we will miss his great stories and his talents in telling them. He loved to entertain at home and was always asked to bake bread when his friends entertained him. Whenever he heard Irish harps, he said that was what the angels played in heaven.

If you wish to make a memorial please consider The Liberty House Foundation, Fort Harrison, Helena, MT or People for the American Way, 2000 M Street NW, Ste. 400, Washington, DC 20036.


 Name: LTJG D.M. Ehrlich   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1966 Year left: 1967

Killed in action with LCDR Donald Ashby. On January 19th, 1967 his F-4 ingested some FOD, and after launch his aircraft would not climb and went into the water.

 Name: AO2 Filomeno Escobar   Handle:           Photo's  Email        
 Residence: San Antonio, Texas
 Year joined :1969 Year left: 1969
 Comments: Filomeno passed away Feb. 28th 2005, this email is for his sons Cesario and Juan Escobar. Please email them if you knew their father.

Filomeno Escobar passed away February 28, 2005 in San Antonio, Texas at the age of 79, to be with Our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ. He was born in Escobares, Texas on August 11, 1925. Mr. Escobar served in the United States Navy during World War II, the Korean War, & the Viet Nam Conflict. Mr. Escobar also received numerous citations during his long career in the military. He is survived by his wife, Susana B. Escobar; sons, (State Representative of District 43, Kingsville) Juan (Rosie) Escobar, Filomeno (Adela) Escobar, Jr., Ben Escobar, David (Maribel) Escobar, & Cesario (Vicki) Escobar; daughters, Susie (Oscar Saenz, Jr.) Saenz & Juanita Escobar; grandchildren, Bonnie & Eddie, JoAnn & Elijia, Michelle, Levi, Diego, Alexandre, & Alexis Nicole. He is preceded in death by his parents, Juan Escobar & Juana de los Santos Escobar and brother, Domingo Escobar. The visitation for Filomeno will begin on March 2, 2005 from 5 pm until 9 pm with a rosary to be recited at 7 pm at Palm Heights Mortuary Chapel. The funeral procession will depart from Palm Heights Mortuary on March 3, 2005 at 12:30 pm for a 1 pm Mass at St. Bonaventure Catholic Church. The funeral procession will depart from Palm Heights Mortuary at 8:30 am for a 9 am burial on March 4, 2005 at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to The American Cancer Society or to the charitable organization of your choice. Palm Heights Funeral Home.



 Name: D.J. Fay   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1962 Year left: 1965

D.J. Fay died on July 27, 1977

 Name: LCDR Paul E. Gross   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1969 Year left: 1969

Paul died in an automobile accident while on exchange duty with the Airforce following his tour in VF-114.

 Name: Winthrop A. Jackson, III   Handle:                 
 Year joined :1972 Year left: 1973
 Comments: Info on WAJ

Winthrop Alsop Jackson III 1950 - 2004
Winthrop Alsop Jackson III, 54, a technical writer, died Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2004.

Funeral: 2 p.m. Sunday at Chinese Baptist Church of Fort Worth, 4625 Granbury Road, Pastor Douglas Helms and the Rev. Shao Chung Ting officiating. Burial: Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery. Visitation: 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday in the Drawing Room of Thompson's Harveson and Cole.

Should friends desire, his memory may be honored with gifts to the Baptist Medical Dental Mission International for Darrell and Cathey Johnson, 11 Plaza Drive, Hattiesburg, Miss. 39402-1313.

Win was born Oct. 14, 1950, in Columbus, Ohio, to Winthrop Alsop Jackson Jr. and Dorothy Mae Sebring Tomlinson. He was a graduate of Brookhaven High School in Columbus, Ohio, and Biola University (BA Business Administration) in La Mirada, California. He earned his master's degree in English/ESL from Oklahoma State University and also taught ESL (English as a Second Language). Win served for 4 1/2 years with the U.S. Navy, seeing active service during the Vietnam conflict.

Win taught for two years at a Business College in mainland China and worked four years in Taiwan. He also participated in numerous medical mission trips to Nicaragua and Thailand. A resident of Fort Worth since 1995, he was employed as a technical writer for Lockheed-Martin.

Win had a passion for World War II history and created a website to honor his father, a B-17 pilot in World War II (www.winjack3.com). His work of late was to seek, locate and reunite World War II vets.

He published an article in "Flight Journal's" B-17 Flying Fortress issue, fall 2004, titled, "The Saga of the Sea Hag."

Survivors: Wife of 23 years, CDR. Carolyn J. McCloskey Jackson, U.S. Public Health Service; son, Winthrop Alsop Jackson IV; daughter, Charissa Ellen Jackson; brothers, Alan M. Case and his wife, Marilyn; and Michael Q. Jackson and his wife, Delia; sisters, Harriett F. King and her husband, Raymond; and Beverley S. Smith; and many nephews and nieces.

Published in the Star-Telegram from 11/13/2004 - 11/14/2004.

Message: FYI Please visit the Notice for Winthrop Alsop Jackson III.

Jesus told Martha (about her brother Lazerus who had died),

"I am the one who raises the dead and gives them life again. Anyone who believes in Me, even though he dies like anyone else, shall live again. He is given eternal life for believing in Me and shall never perish. Do you believe this?" John 11:25 TLB

Winthrop Alsop Jackson III October 14, 1950 - November 10, 2004


 Name: LTGJ Joe W. Jerhoff   Handle:                 
 Year joined :1963 Year left: 1964

Joe Jerhoff died while diving to free an anchor off the coast of Calif. At the time he was a pilot with United Airlines.

 Name: CDR Joe Konzen   Handle: Black Bull or S          Photo's        
 Year joined :1962 Year left: 1964

Joseph Konzen died Saturday, October 15, 2005, at home in Pensacola, FL.

 Name: LTJG Jacob D. Logan   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1965 Year left: 1965

LTJG Jacob D. Logan was lost December 2, 1965 in an aircraft accident. CDR Carl B. Austin was with him.

 Name: AE1 Loren A. Maurers   Handle:           Email        
 Year joined :1982 Year left: 1985
 Comments: Aardvark from 1982-1985, he passed away in 2003. The email link goes to his brother David Maurer.

Loren went in for vein replacement and never came out in 2003.

 Name: LTJG Don W. Monk   Handle: Thelonius          Photo's  Email        
 Residence: Austin, TX
 Year joined :1965 Year left: 1967
 Comments: This email link is for his wife Margarete.

Don died of prostate cancer on November 14th 1997.

 Name: LTJG Frederick A. Nutting   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1966 Year left: 1967

Fred died during the 1980's

 Name: AM3 Kennith Wayne O'Gwin   Handle:           Photo's        
 Year joined :1953 Year left: 1953

Kennith Wayne O'Gwin passed away Dec 26, 1980

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